Here you will find the Skype hidden emoticons, these emoticons do not appear in the smileys box,but just you write emoticons code in the chat box will appear.

These emoticons for adults only.

You can copy code from a column code and paste it in the chat box.

Icon Code Name
Finger (finger)  Finger  
Drunk (drunk)  Drunk  
bug (bug)  Bug  
Bandit (bandit)  Bandit  
Mooning (mooning)  Mooning 
Heidy (heidy)  Heidy
Headbang (headbang) (banghead) Headbang 
Fubar (fubar)  Fubar 
Swearing (swear)  Swearing 
Smoking (smoking) (smoke) (ci)   Smoking 
Rock (rock)  Rock 
Poolparty (poolparty)  Poolparty 
Toivo (toivo)  Toivo 
tmi (tmi)  TMI 
bye (bye) Bye
what the fuck (wtf) What the fuck


*This page and the underlying code is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike by Chris Messina. The icons are copyright Skype.